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S  O  U  N  D     M  I  N  D     &     B  O  D  Y

Massage & Reiki

Nicole – Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master. My goal is to understand what each and every body needs. All people have a unique story and a unique background, and every person will heal according to their specific needs. Together we will discover what your needs are to become your most vibrant self.

As a licensed massage therapist I can work with you to alleviate pain and become more physically capable. As a Reiki Master, we can recharge your energetic system and allow your subtle energy channels to realign and resonate with a powerful vibration. As an herbalist I can educate you on the healing plants that might help you to rediscover your vital life force. I practice a plant-based diet and I am able to offer nutritional advice and meal planning ideas to feed the entire family in a more healthy way.

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